Welcome to The Model Bunker

Since 2014 we are working on 3D printing dedicated to scale modelers.

At 3D Models Kits we have been among the first to expertise into 3D printing for scale modelers. Our goal is to provide the advanced scale modeler with all the support in terms of new kits, conversion sets, accessories.

The Model Bunker™ is our e-commerce outlet. Here you may find all 3D printed kits made by 3D Models Kits as well as a selection of 3rd party products for the advanced and demanding modeler.

Processing note: all our kits are professionally printed on-demand. This requires some days to be processed. We print with the best quality resins and professional printers. All kits are provided with support trees you should remove before assembly. An additional support removal at our factory is provided on-demand. All kits are printed, cleaned, cured and set aside few days to settle before shipping. So please allow an average time of 3/6 working days before your order is ready for shipping.


In the last weeks we have been seriously attacke by spammers. To contact us successfully please write at shop (at) themodelbunker.com where (at) is the symbol @